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The Perfect Woman’s Junk Is Another

Tankymotin’ is a saying we have up around northeast Alabama. This means, basically, a few fill the tank with gas and go automoting til we drop! When I go tankymotin’, either by itself or with my mom, siblings, nephews or maybe nieces, I actually go to thrift stores, backyard sales, flea markets and Walmart. Often, tankymotin’ contains eating out too, somewhere fun and not too healthy, ha. I’ve cherished treasure hunting this way, providing I can remember. I apparently have some style of radar with regards to yard revenue and thrift stores. I can walk into a room full of, well, basically toxins, and find a single treasure invisible down profound in the mess. This “hobby” has led to my becoming a type of “American Picker”. I’ve offered collectibles on the internet for years inside my Collectibles Yardsale Blog and this year, helped my sister opened a stones and mortar store. All of us call ourselves Down To the south Sisters and we’re in Shelby, Nc. Google all of us and arrive see all of us if you’re previously in the area! I don’t know exactly what it is mostly about treasure-hunting (some people call up it thrifting, or junking, or yardsaling, or picking) that I appreciate… maybe oahu is the look on someone’s encounter when I find one thing they have been looking for and couldn’t come across. Anyway, I’ll probably keep tankymotin’ providing I have a fish tank and gas to go in it! Treasure-hunting is enjoyable, unpredictable and plain interesting!

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